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"Aki Inomata was born in 1983 in Tokyo. She completed graduate studies in intermedia art at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

Her art is created collaboratively with living creatures. Her major series “Why Not Hand Over a ‘Shelter’ to Hermit Crabs?” see miniature cities made by 3D printer transformed into the shell of a hermit crab. Her work attempts to rediscover humanity by superimposing a human world over the behavior of (non-human) living creatures. 

Major solo shows have been held at ICC in 2015 and Hagiso in 2014. Recent group exhibitions include “Ars Electoronica Festival 2014” and “4th Digital Shock: Real Factory” at Institut français du Japon – Tokyo."


Aki designed hermit crabs shells and recorded how they moved into her “shelters”. The shelters represented cities from around the world.

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I study Design (BA) at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am a member of London Biohackspace, the UK’s first community lab, and is interested in exploring the relationship between art, design, and synthetic biology. I am participating in iGEM 2015 in the
Community Labs Track representing London Biohackspace. My team is developing a library of yeast strains for beer brewers. Feel free to drop me a message!