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© Image 2015 biomason
Founder of Biomason, Ginger Krieg Dosier at TEDxWWF © 2013 TEDx Talks
bioMASON employs natural microorganisms and chemical processes to manufacture biological cement-based masonry building materials. 800.000.000 tons of CO² are emitted a year to produce the 1.23 trillion bricks that are used. Those bricks stacked up on each other would reach to the moon and back more than 300 times. Why not use nature to produce materials? Nature, in e.g. sea shells, is actually capable of building more stable and durable materials than mankind. 

bioMASON developed a technology that uses microorganisms to grow biocement-based construction material such as bricks. The technology enables material to be grown on-site, adapting to the local environment. The sand is mixed with microorganisms and fed with water to harden the bricks. The old industrial process where you have to heat up the bricks for 3 days at 2000°C is replaced with the formation of biological controlled, structured cement at room temperature in 5 days. 

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View full profile Lena Asai from London & Tokyo

I study Design (BA) at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am a member of London Biohackspace, the UK’s first community lab, and is interested in exploring the relationship between art, design, and synthetic biology. I am participating in iGEM 2015 in the
Community Labs Track representing London Biohackspace. My team is developing a library of yeast strains for beer brewers. Feel free to drop me a message!

View full profile Jérôme Lutz from Berlin & Munich, Germany

I like to share the great things I discover daily while researching and working in the field of Synthetic Biology.

When I talk to people about it, they often refer to Science Fiction. However, when I send them links to this wiki and they read through those pages, they start understanding that this is real and it's happening right now.