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When you receive the petunias, they will be white. Plant them everywhere you would plant a normal petunia. Water them once with a dilute ethanol solution (leftover beer will work) and they'll bloom red in 24 hours. Flowers turn from white to red in 24 hours - and then stay red. If you want to have white flowers again, just water with regular H0².“To make the flowers change color, we fix a broken pathway,” Braun said. “The white flowers are missing an enzyme they need to produce color. We use a biological switching mechanism to turn on that enzyme, allowing the flower to bloom in full color. It’s completely user-driven too—you can decide when you want the color switch to happen.”

Since SynBioBeta San Francisco’s 2014 Conference, the staff at RevBio has been working to bring their flower to market. They have consulted with Ball Horticultural on choosing robust lines of petunias for the transformations so that they end up with great-performing garden plants. In addition, they have also partnered with ASPB for the international Fascination of Plants Day to promote a naming contest for their flower. 


Same plant, different colors

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