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The cooperation between Amyris and Total explained © 2015 Amyris
Amyris has partnered with Total to develop an alternative to jet fuel. In 2012, Amyris succeeded in demonstrating renewable fuel by using yeast as microbial factories to produce hydrocarbons. To produce the targeted molecule, farnesene, Amyris and Total is working on optimizing their first sugar conversion processes. The yeast can keep producing farnesene for about a 15 day period. The farnesene is hydrogenated in a factory to produce farnasane. The fuel needs to have 21 properties, including resisting low temperature. The next generation biofuels is looking at sourcing sugar from non-food materials, like soil or waste. Today, it is still using sugar that can be also used in the food industry.


The renewable Diesel is a pure hydrocarbon, produced from plant sugars. It's properties are superior to those of petroleum-sourced diesel, allowing it to be used as a drop-in replacement in practically any diesel engine today.


In 2012, Amyris demonstrated the renewable fuel in flight when a GE-powered Embraer jet operated by Azul Airlines flew in Brazil. In 2013 at the Paris Air Showan Airbus A321 flew with bio jetfuel. In  2014, Amyris received industry acceptance and regulatory approval for our renewable jet fuel in key U.S., European and Brazilian markets. They are currently selling the renewable jet fuel to airlines globally.
© Text 2015 Amyris 

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