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Clara Foods is making egg white from yeast instead of chickens. This technology is hoped to significantly reduce the cost and time spent raising chickens, procuring eggs and separating the egg whites. The process side-steps diseases associated with egg production such as Avian flu and salmonella.Its supposed to be healthier, since its cholesterol-free, salmonella-free, and less allergens. 

If they can scale this, it would replace the necessity of raising chickens, procuring eggs and then separating the egg whites. That could be attractive to companies that use egg whites in their products such as pasta and condiment brands, apparently they already approached the brand Barilla.

“Our goal is to be in the B2B space as an ingredient since egg whites are used in large proportions in meat substitutes, baked goods like meringues, macarons, angel food cakes, confectionaries, and protein powders and supplements,” Elizondo told TechCrunch.

The plan is to now send batches to potential corporate partners and get orders in place as soon as possible.

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