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Macros are a great way to make a page beautiful and interactive. 

How to Add a macro? 

    • See all macros
      • In the Editor's toolbar, hit the "Insert" menu and click "Other Macros" at the bottom to open the Macro Browser (or press CTRL+SHIFT+A).
    • You know what you want
      • Just start typing "{..." followed by the name

How to Change a Macro?

Application & Technology Page Macros

Development Stage & Status

Shows the progress bar and will one day create an overview of all applications displayed according to their stage.


Header Image

You drag and drop a big picture into this white frame and the picture gets automaticall resized to look the same on all pages. You can set the copyright source when you click edit.


© Image 2015 Tim Gouw

Image with Caption and Source

Displays an image (usually on the right side, thats the float parameter) in a nice box with caption and copyright details.

Animal Free Milk © 2014 Muufri

Source Text

Displays a (c) text when you copied text

© Text 2014 Washington Post


Add the Facebook page URL in the Settings and it displays the latest Facebook Posts.


Same here just with username

Loading Tweets

Replace comment section title

Replaces the text above the comment section "what do you think?" with the question you would like to ask the visitors.

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous

    why is the facebook macro at the bottom?

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