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Here we collect interesting topics and drafts that might one day inspire Synthetic Biologists to create new innovations.

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DNA Mutation caused Pest

It explains that a single mutation from the cell wall of the tuberculose bakteria allowed fleas to become resistant to those and thus be the cause of many pest epidemics

Genetic Link Between Autism And Better Cognitive Ability

"Scientists have found a relationship between genetic risk factors for autism and intelligence. According to the results, genes that are associated with the development of autism spectrum disorders are also linked with better cognitive ability in members of the general population who do not have these conditions."

Interesting Species

  • Danger: Ladybugs as Zombie BodyguardTwenty days after a female lays its eggs inside a poor unsuspecting ladybug, a single larva rudely bursts out from the beetle’s abdomen and spins a cocoon between its legs. What happens next is truly bizarre: The ladybird is effectively turned into a bodyguard, sticking to the cocoon like glue and remaining completely still apart from involuntary twitches and shakes that scare off predators.
  • Squid can rewrite their own DNA on demandA species of squid has been observed editing its own RNA to an amazing extent, creating the capacity to respond to changes in its environment by altering its proteins and therefore its entire body. Messenger RNA (mRNA) transfers genetic information from our DNA to the ribosomes that synthesize proteins within cells. Occasionally, however, the memo gets changed in transmission, as “organisms using RNA as a canvas to

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About the authors

View full profile Jérôme Lutz from Berlin & Munich, Germany

I like to share the great things I discover daily while researching and working in the field of Synthetic Biology.

When I talk to people about it, they often refer to Science Fiction. However, when I send them links to this wiki and they read through those pages, they start understanding that this is real and it's happening right now.

View full profile Edward Perello from London

Edward Perello is the founder of Desktop Genetics, a company at the forefront of CRISPR genome editing technology. His team is working to provide researchers with access to state of the art genome engineering capabilities from their computers and create an AI that can predict optimal genome editing solutions in any organism.

Edward is a SynBio LEAP fellow working to get more non-biologists into the field.