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Explanation Video of the Lung-on-a-Chip © 2013 WYSS Institute
Combining microfabrication techniques with modern tissue engineering, lung-on-a-chip offers a n ew in vitro approach to drug screening by mimicking the complicated mechanical and biochemical behaviours of a human lung. The goal of lung-on-a-chip is to replace animal testing and bring new therapies to patients faster and at lower cost. Lung on the chip won the Design of the Year 2015.

© Text 2013 WYSS Institute

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View full profile Lena Asai from London & Tokyo

I study Design (BA) at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am a member of London Biohackspace, the UK’s first community lab, and is interested in exploring the relationship between art, design, and synthetic biology. I am participating in iGEM 2015 in the
Community Labs Track representing London Biohackspace. My team is developing a library of yeast strains for beer brewers. Feel free to drop me a message!

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