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Image Movie from Bolt Thread © 2015 Bolt Thread
Scientists have tried to mass-produce spider silk for decades with little success. As a naturally occurring supermaterial, spider silk is strong, extendible, lightweight, biodegradable, flexible, biocompatible, and can be processed into different formats, including 3D structures.Bolt threads can now produce large quantities of silk for commercial applications from genetically engineered yeast. This could change the clothing industry, as well as provide new biomaterials for construction and biomedical applications. It turns out that yeast fermentation can yield a much larger amount of the material as opposed to harvesting from the wild.

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View full profile Jérôme Lutz from Berlin & Munich, Germany

I like to share the great things I discover daily while researching and working in the field of Synthetic Biology.

When I talk to people about it, they often refer to Science Fiction. However, when I send them links to this wiki and they read through those pages, they start understanding that this is real and it's happening right now.