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Synthetic Biology is focused on the design and construction of new biological elements such as enzymes, genetic circuits, cells or whole organisms. It is an exponentially growing field where biology is considered as a technology. Molecular biologists team up with software coders, mechanical engineers and designers to reengineer living systems. 


Netflix Original - Biohackers


It was thanks to and the local SynBio community in Munich that the Show Runner and Director, Christian Ditter and his crew reached out to Jérôme Lutz in the beginning of 2019. He got back together  the core crew with Edward Perello and David Ng and inspired the script development with many stories that our SynBio und Biohacking World creates regularly.

Soon we will feature hear the background story to the biohacks in series. But for now, no spoilers. 

We are happy to share the labs, that the crew has built on the set of the Netflix Biohackers:



We will soon show and explain the Biohacks you have seen in the Netflix Series Biohacker
Stay tuned and come back in a few days! 


Understand Genetics and how to Engineer Biology


Basics of Genetics

Genetics is an enormous field formed of many specialities, and can be confusing to the newcomer, but it is perhaps best to think of it as a descriptive engineering discipline concerned with how organisms create the information systems that define how they execute the process of life itself.

To appreciate the importance of genetics, you will first need to know about the central dogma of biology: DNA codes for RNA which is translated into proteins, which are the biological 'machines' at work in cells.

Engineering Biology

Synthetic Biology combines the sciences of genetics, molecular biology, mechanical engineering, general and biological informatics, design and philosophy. It is crucial that we all speak the same language, but in order to do so we have to learn the vocabulary. This entire section is about explaining the different aspects of those sciences and guide you from the general into the specific.


What do People Build with SynBio?

Health & Medicine

The Health and Medicine Sector is now about to learn the fundamentals of live be truly understanding the genetic code that causes diseases or malfunctions. Also, the constantly falling prices of DNA reading will enable a personalized medicine where a doctor - with the support of big data - will be able to tailor the medical procurement by e.g. predict if a certain drug will cause the desired response.

Industry & Chemicals

Industrial use of Synthetic Biology will produce new means for synthesizing existing or completely new chemicals. One day, there might be no more need for huge chemical facilities, instead bio reactors containing tailor made synthetic cells will be capable of producing the end product in one step.

Food & Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture market has already benefiting from Biotech inventions over the last 30 years. Today, 85% of all crops on the fields are already genetically optimized. However, the standardization and modularization of Synthetic Biology will allow far more advances in this market than ever before.

Health & Medicine

Synthetic Biology will not only disrupt existing markets but create plenty of completely new markets. Being able to recombine modules from the programming language of life, we will for sure come up with new use cases that didn't exist yet. Just think of the new markets that computers and the internet have brought us.


Get Involved

SynBio Meetup Munich

Every month, SynBio enthusiasts from all backgrounds meet for dinner and beers in Munich - Feel free to join!

SynBio Meetup London

Every month, SynBio enthusiasts from all backgrounds meet for dinner and beers in London - Feel free to join!

Find a Job

Ready to jump into the industry? Even if not yet, join our Facebook Group SynBio Jobs and stay tuned on the latest job offers.

Slack Community

Our Community is about people and Slack is where you get to know everyone, discuss topics and get answers.

Add your knowledge

You should know about this industry and learning by doing is simply the best way to do so. So start doing your research and write down what you find in our collective brain, Add pages and edit where ever you can contribute or correct. 


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I like to share the great things I discover daily while researching and working in the field of Synthetic Biology.

When I talk to people about it, they often refer to Science Fiction. However, when I send them links to this wiki and they read through those pages, they start understanding that this is real and it's happening right now.