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The vast majority of software engineers lateral entrants to biotechnology struggle to understand the problems that biologists face in their work. On the other hand, the vast majority of biologists lack the skills to create and shape policy, build the tools they need software tools, or create communications and media themselves. Although biotechnology is inherently multidisciplinary, no state or organisation has put forward a plan to fill the skills gap and create a workforce that can bridge the gaps between tech and biotech, policy and create the software tools and services biology, and the press and (nutritional) media. An interdisciplinary community is critical to the bio-economy. Lets get started.


It is our mission to bring more engineers, policymakers, artists and media into the SynBio industry.

We propose a plan Historically, our interest was first to create a BioCoder Training Programme with the explicit goal of training a cadre of software professionals who can rapidly create high quality software tools that biologists need to expedite their work inside and outside of the lab. For the sake of explanation of our mission, we will first deal with the need for developers in biotech, and the challenges they face joining and understanding a biologist.

This proposal will:

  • create indirect value for individual companies and laboratories who can recruit these professionals;

  • benefit the greater biotechnology field by fostering the development of tools that expedite the design-build-test cycle, and

  • help those in the tech industry achieve a fulfilling career in biotechnology.