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We want to support this mission not only with our non-profit organization but also by locally engaging all involved parties and institutes to make happen at the TU Munich.

Action plan


  1. Campus tour with
    1. Timeline: in June / July
    2. Participants: all iGemers, Utum, .info
    3. Visiting: Interesting profs and institutes, maybe focussed on how they can help
  2. Stammtisch in Garching
    1. Every initial invitee can invite 2 more people
    2. Once a month
    3. Participants
      1. Professors
      2. Bioloquium 
      3. UnternehmerTUM
      4. Doctors
      5. Students
      6. Max Plank
  3. Blind Lunch
    1. New blind Lunch Software
    2. Signup with linkedin & research gate profiles
    3. of interestes and matching of people
  4. Map of scientific instruments
    1. Photos of every instrument with contact details where one can use it
  5. Open Lab
    1. In Chemistry faculty
    2. For projects outside of daily research

Latest News

Werner Siemens Foundation supports TUM with € 11m