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 And the program should return the Tm for the reaction according to []

A Bit About BDD

  1. Enough is enough: do as much planning, analysis, and design as you need, but no more

  2. Deliver stakeholder value: everything you write should contribute value to the feature/scenario

  3. It's a behavior: everyone involved should have the same way of talking about the system and what it does.

  4. Accompanying mockups: sketches or visualistions of your desired program should accompany your user stories
  5. Accompanying definitions: as you add complexity, it may be necessary to begin logging definitions for complex terms

BDD in its grandest sense is about communication and viewing your software as a system with behaviour. When you are using BDD and Cucumber to specify projects for your team or other teams, you should develop it with others, and test your assumptions, and your teammates' responses to your documentation. Be flexible and have fun building them with each other!