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"Sputniko! is an artist who creates music, film, and installation works exploring technology’s impact on everyday life and imagine alternative futures. Sputniko! has presented her film and installation works at exhibitions such as Talk to Me (MoMA, New York, 2011) and Bunny Smash (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2013). She has joined MIT Media Lab as an assistant professor from 2013 to start the Design Fiction Group. In the same year, Sputniko! was awarded VOGUE JAPAN “Woman of the Year” 2013. French paper ‘Le Figaro’ selected Sputniko! as one of “30 talented women under 30″ in 2015."


Design Fiction (MIT Media Lab): 

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View full profile Lena Asai from London & Tokyo

I study Design (BA) at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am a member of London Biohackspace, the UK’s first community lab, and is interested in exploring the relationship between art, design, and synthetic biology. I am participating in iGEM 2015 in the
Community Labs Track representing London Biohackspace. My team is developing a library of yeast strains for beer brewers. Feel free to drop me a message!